Prevailing Wage

Unclaimed Prevailing Wage

What is a Prevailing Wage Award?

The New York City Comptroller enforces state and local laws that require private contractors engaged in New York City public works projects or service contracts with City agencies to pay no less than the prevailing wage or living wage to their employees. If you work for a City contractor on a construction site or a service contract, you may be entitled to receive prevailing wages or living wages.

If you were underpaid, the Comptroller’s office works to recoup the amount of the underpayment plus interest. Often, workers are unaware that the Comptroller’s office has collected money on their behalf.

How do I know if I am owed money?

1 Search for Your Name

The table below lists the names of workers with unclaimed New York City prevailing wage awards by county and state of last known address. If you find your name, please file a proof of claim with the Comptroller’s Office, by clicking the button in step 2 below.

*Please Note: All claims are subject to verification by the Office of the Comptroller. The appearance of a name on this list does not guarantee entitlement to a monetary award for the named individual.

List Updated: February 3, 2016

Last Name First Name County/City State
Abdulkadir Mohammed Bronx NY
Abrahams, Jr David Bronx NY
Abul Hossain Md
Accevedo Dillon Bronx NY
Accevedo Mike Bronx NY
Acevedo Derrick Queens NY
Adam Adam
Adams Brian Suffolk NY
Adams Robert L. Brooklyn NY
Addeyinka Babatunbe Brooklyn NY
Addison Addison
Adejare Adenale New York NY
Adekeye Kolawole Staten Island NY
Adesanya Adewale Brooklyn NY
Agudelo Alejandro Queens NY
Aguilar Kenneth Winston Salem NC
Ahmed Rashid
Ahmed Rita Queens NY
Aimumofua Osa Bronx NY
Aivarado Yaser Queens NY
Akerele Julius Brooklyn NY
Alberto Ed
Alcius Mulhare Newark NJ
Alexander Darryl Yonkers NY
Allen Kenrick Brooklyn NY
Allrick Frank
Almonte Elvis
Alvarez Diego
Alvear Edgar Queens NY
Alvia Juan
Amado Thomas Brooklyn NY
Amin Tushar Queens NY
Amoah Richard Queens NY
Amulfo Omel
Andall Margaret
Anderson Sam NY
Andy Andy
Angel P. Angel P.
Angel Angel
Aniello Guy Brooklyn NY
Antonio Antonio
Antwi Harry New York NY
Arif Hossain Md
Arjune Vejai Queens NY
Arreaea Leopoldo Brooklyn NY
Arrendell Alex Allentown PA
Arthur Damien Brooklyn NY
Askar Sulaiman Brooklyn NY
Askim Kaiyim Queens NY
Atanay Altemar Bronx NY
Atiar Rahman Md
Attidore Phillip Bronx NY
Aupren Afuile
Avallone Michael Bronx NY
Avery Charles Brooklyn NY
Baah Thomas Brooklyn NY
Babalola Kemi
Babikian Alex Queens NY
Bailey Mathew
Bailey Vaughn Brooklyn NY
Bajana Pablo Queens NY
Bajana Pablo R Queens NY
Balde Mohammed New York NY
Balkissoon Toolsie Queens NY
Ballard Shermaine Mount Vernon NY
Barbosa Jose I. Newark NJ
Barnes Henry Brooklyn NY
Barretto Joaquim Newwark NJ
Batista Norberto Bronx NY
Beckles Trevor Brooklyn NY
Beepat Seeraj Queens NY
Beharry-Harris Dolly Mahopac NY
Belli Alban Brooklyn NY
Belli Clarence Bronx NY
Benedetti Ueberson Mt. Vernon NY
Benetti Chris NY
Bennet Early
Bennett Frederick Bronx NY
Bermejo Jose V.
Bermeso Juan Queens NY
Bermudez Freddy Queens NY
Bermudez Sandra Patricia Queens NY
Bertolini, Jr Joseph Danbury CT
Betancourt Edwin Bronx NY
Bhavsar Thankubhai Bronx NY
Bielecki Andrjez New York NY
Bing James Staten Island NY
Bistonath Khemraj Queens NY
Blackshear Jesse Nassau NY
Bladon Diego Queens NY
Blanca Luis
Bland Jerrel New York NY
Blandon John Queens NY
Bligen Jermaine New York NY
Boateng Alex Queens NY
Bobb Olga Brooklyn NY
Boccia Joseph Warwick NY
Bogdan Bauer Queens NY
Boguslaw Serafin A. Brooklyn NY
Boikov Vladimir Brooklyn NY
Borde Wayne
Bortone Francisco Nassau NY
Bosques James Bronx NY
Boyd Robert Bronx NY
Bradley Jonathan
Branch Madan Queens NY
Brendon Brendon
Brinson Iii John A Queens NY
Brisport Collin Brooklyn NY
Brooker Prince Bronx NY
Brown Bill New York NY
Brown Craig Nassau NY
Brown James
Brown Jeffrey Yonkers NY
Brown Michael G.
Brunson Lakeysha Brooklyn NY
Bruton William New York NY
Bryant Ida Brooklyn NY
Bryant Maurice S. Staten Island NY
Brzozowski Grezegorz Brooklyn NY
Bucciarelli Rudy Newburgh NY
Budrock Jim Yonkers NY
Buestan Luis Bronx NY
Bunch Gaye Brooklyn NY
Bustamante Juan
Cabreja Abelmi North Bergen NJ
Cabrera Jose New York NY
Cacace Donenico
Caceres Jose Bronx NY
Cajas Jose Queens NY
Calego Alejandrina
Calle Saul Brooklyn NY
Cambizaca Erwin L. Brooklyn NY
Cambrera Pompeyo Queens NY
Camean Manuel Brooklyn NY
Campbell Craig Queens NY
Campi Elio Brooklyn NY
Cancel Miguel Bronx NY
Candelario Marcos Bronx NY
Canseco Nick West Haverstraw NY
Capbell Naomi Bronx NY
Capellan Yngrid Bronx NY
Capouzzo Clarence Nassau NY
Caraballo Timothy Queens NY
Carillo Alfredo Norcross GA
Carl Maxi Brooklyn NY
Carlo Hector Bronx NY
Carlos Luis Union City NJ
Caro Marc Yonkers NY
Carrero Fulgencio Bronx NY
Carreto Jose L. Queens NY
Carrol Patrick Queens NY
Castaneda Alfonso Staten Island NY
Castellanos Richard Danbury CT
Castillo Antonio Queens NY
Castillo Luis Queens NY
Castillo Marco Queens NY
Castro E
Castro Juan Bronx NY
Castro Juan
Castro Roberto Nassau NY
Catwell Henderson
Cespedes Alfredo White Plains NY
Chaim Chaim
Chapman Gene New York NY
Chappell Eldridge Brooklyn NY
Charles Rubens Brooklyn NY
Charlie Charlie
Cheeks Tatiana Bronx NY
Cheng Richard New York NY
Chris Chris
Cintron Isreal New York NY
Ciraulo Michael Queens NY
Cisternas Sergio
Clarke Douglas Bronx NY
Claudio Anna Brooklyn NY
Colado Roberto Yonkers NY
Colas Ian Brooklyn NY
Colbert Timothy Bronx NY
Coles Bernard
Colon Luis
Colon Ramon
Cooke Anthony
Cooper Edward NY
Cooper Nadia Queens NY
Corbett Ernestine Bronx NY
Corbett Michael Nanuet NY
Corbett Rashawn Haverstraw NY
Cordero Alberto Queens NY
Cordero Jorge Queens NY
Corletto George A. Brooklyn NY
Coronel Gustavo Brooklyn NY
Correll Chad Validosta GA
Corretjer Milton Bronx NY
Cortrell Kurt Monroe NY
Cottrell Howard Bronx NY
Crandell Rodney Brooklyn NY
Creer, Jr Larry M Bronx NY
Crespo Victor Bronx NY
Criolla Michael Queens NY
Croom Leven Bronx NY
Cruez Joel F. Rome GA
Cruz Javier Queens NY
Cruz Mark Anthony New York NY
Cruz Rafael Bronx NY
Csatari George Queens NY
Cuba Cuba
Cunningham Veronica Brooklyn NY
Cyz Jerry
Dabel Maxime Brooklyn NY
Dacosta Tessa Brooklyn NY
Dalessio Stephen D. Stormville NY
Danclair Vernon Brooklyn NY
Daniel Daniel
Daniel Stanley Brooklyn NY
Daniels Henry Queens NY
Dardales Mario Doberto Doraville GA
Dasilva Hernani Belleville NJ
Dattolo Frank Yonkers NY
Dattolo Luig Nassau NY
Dattolo Salvatore Nassau NY
Dattolo Santo Nassau NY
Dattolo Vincenzo
Dattolo Vinny Nassau NY
Dave Dave
Davenport Jr. James
David David
David Francois E Stroudsburg PA
Davis Gregg G. Queens NY
Davis Keith Mount Vernon NY
Davis Lawanda Brooklyn NY
Davis Shaquan Brooklyn NY
Dayle Aiden Queens NY
Dayne Linda Queens NY
Deccado Evelyn Queens NY
Degazon Anthony M. Brooklyn NY
Dejesus Tony Yonkers NY
Del Agila Edgar Bronx NY
Delarosa Alejandro New York NY
Delisfort Roslyn Bronx NY
Denton Gregory D. Brooklyn NY
Deo Radhika Bronx NY
Deoliveira F. Cassio Mount Vernon NJ
Deonarine Pertab Queens NY
Derogene Natasha Nassau NY
Dey William F. Nassau NY
Diakite Mariam New York NY
Diaz Emanuel Suffolk NY
Diaz Jorge Staten Island NY
Diaz Juan C. Newark NJ
Diaz Manuel Queens NY
Diaz Martin Staten Island NY
Diaz Richard Brooklyn NY
Diaz Yaritza Brooklyn NY
Dicandio J
Dieste Juan Jersey City NJ
Diggins Jordy Yonkers NY
Diogenes Flores Bronx NY
Domanowski Jaroslaw Park Ridge NJ
Domingues Silvestre Lodi NJ
Dominguez Juan
Dookie Adrian Brooklyn NY
Dosil Domingo A. Harrison NJ
Douglass Derrick Mount Vernon NY
Drozd Thomas Brooklyn NY
Drummong Gary Bronx NY
Dsegarra Guillermo Queens NY
Duah Agyeman Bronx NY
Duardo Orestes Bronx NY
Dublas Tovar
Dubrawa Kyle Clifton NJ
Dunn Antwyne Brooklyn NY
Dykes Tamara Brooklyn NY
Dzedzits Taras Queens NY
Eastman Elizabeth Brooklyn NY
Edgard Jean Brooklyn NY
Edmin Edmin
Edwards Shirwin A New Rochelle NY
Edwards Trevor Yonkers NY
Efrain Benito Tucker GA
Elias Cliff Bronx NY
Elisashvili David Brooklyn NY
Elizandro Pedro Nassau NY
Elsayed Gad
Elsner Gustavo
English Patricia M. Suffolk NY
Ernesto Ernesto
Ernst Richard Bayonne NJ
Ersking E Bronx NY
Escalante Alexi Queens NY
Escano Elvin
Espada Greg Bronx NY
Espinol Donny Brooklyn NY
Espinosa Eduardo R
Espinoza J Brooklyn NY
Estrada Amner Bronx NY
Estrada Wilson Bronx NY
Etwara Katenarine Brooklyn NY
Eusebio Erguin, Jr. Bronx NY
Evans Mell Bronx NY
Evans Steven Staten Island NY
Ezeomenaka Obinna Bronx NY
Fabien Fabiola Brooklyn NY
Farmer Jennifer Brooklyn NY
Fasasi Iyabode Brooklyn NY
Felator Paul Bronx NY
Fensterer Kenneth
Ferguson Susan M. Bronx NY
Fernando Gio Yonjers NY
Ferrada Roger Queens NY
Ferreira Roberto C. Newark NJ
Ferrer Carlos Brooklyn NY
Ferrer Yamil New York NY
Fields David New York NY
Figueroa Aroldo Nassau NY
Finley Robert Yonkers NY
Fitzpatrick Gary Nassau NY
Fiyazuddeen Shaikh Queens NY
Flores Martin Brooklyn NY
Forfeiture Z
Fornah Aruna Bronx NY
Forte Craig Nassau NY
Forte Michael Queens NY
Franchia Jose Union NJ
Francis Gregory Yonkers NY
Francis Irvin Bronx NY
Francois Thamer Brooklyn NY
Frank Ulric
Frank Wesley Yonkers NY
Frasier Sharon New York NY
Free Walter Little Ferry NJ
Fuller Darren Newburgh NY
Funez Mario R. Bronx NY
G Mike
G Oscar
Galarza Victor Queens NY
Gallardo Javier Queens NY
Gallego Jair Alonzo Bronx NY
Gallion Lennox Bronx NY
Gallopeni Busar
Galloway M.
Galluzzo Domenico A.
Gantier Pedro Bronx NY
Garate Edgar Romero Queens NY
Garate Manuel Queens NY
Garate Segundo Queens NY
Garcia Angel Yonkers NY
Garcia Edwin (E.J.) Pleasant Valley NY
Garcia Feliciano Pomona NY
Garcia Galo
Garcia Iris Queens NY
Garcia Jorge Queens NY
Garcia Juan J Newark NJ
Garcia Rosa Queens NY
Garcon John Queens NY
Gardner Omar C. Bronx NY
Garnett Tommy
Gassama Oumar New York NY
Gaston Mariam Brooklyn NY
Gawel Jacek Brooklyn NY
Gayflower Teima Brooklyn NY
Gbadebo Folorunso Staten Island NY
Germosen Esteban Bronx NY
Gheorehe Cezar Roselle Park NJ
Gibson Robert G. Brooklyn NY
Gibson Taleek Yonkers NY
Gomez Jose Queens NY
Gomez Luis
Gomez Manuel Newark NJ
Gonzales Angel
Gonzalez Antonio J. Bronx NY
Gonzalez Carlos
Gonzalez M Brooklyn NY
Gonzalez Oscar Nassau NY
Gonzalez Rafael Queens NY
Goodlin Walter Queens NY
Gorge Gorge
Grabarz Adam Brooklyn NY
Granada Thom Queens NY
Gray Claude G. Bronx NY
Gray Nathan New York NY
Green Jamel Newark NJ
Greenwood Eustace Queens NY
Grey Barry Trenton NJ
Griffith Athelstan Brooklyn NY
Griffith Reynold
Gualipa Manuel New York NY
Guerrero Lionel L Queens NY
Guerrero Rosa New York NY
Guerro Luis Newark NJ
Guevara Selvin Brooklyn NY
Gump Robert
Gutchardo Oneil Yonkers NY
Guy Guy
Haggins Ronald Brooklyn NY
Haidara Ali
Halab Salfir Queens NY
Halim Mohammed Bronx NY
Hall Claudia Brooklyn NY
Hall Scott Yonkers NY
Hallinan Peter Nassau NY
Hanoef Basheer Brooklyn NY
Hansen Murray Bronx NY
Hansen Murray Brooklyn NY
Hardnett Joseph Yonkers NY
Harris Keyah
Harris Seymour Bronx NY
Harry Dhanrat Queens NY
Haugney Karl Queens NY
Haynes Nisaa Bronx NY
Hazel Mahenie I. Brooklyn NY
Henderson Bennie Bronx NY
Henderson Bennie Bronx NY
Henderson James Spring Valley NY
Henry Henry
Henvill Tiffany Brooklyn NY
Herdon Rick Brooklyn NY
Hernandez Solis Clemente Mount Vernon NY
Hernandez Al NY
Hernandez Castilo Bronx NY
Hernandez Eduardo Bronx NY
Hernandez Eleuterio Mt. Vernon NY
Hernandez Rolando Bronx NY
Hernandez Teuni
Herney Duver
Herrera Oscar Yonkers NY
Hevko Volodymyr Queens NY
Hicks Edward Wallington NJ
Hodge Alvin New York NY
Hodge William Brooklyn NY
Hodges Richard Morgantown WV
Holliday Jason Bronx NY
Hollis Kyle
Hop Kevin
Hopstock Ronald Old Bridge NJ
Horton Jacqueline Brooklyn NY
Howard Roland New York NY
Huerla Ismael Sabaia
Hunt Kareem Bronx NY
Hurt Leon New York NY
Ifabiyi Taiwo Brooklyn NY
Ilazarov Ratmir Brooklyn NY
Illescas Javier Mt. Vernon NY
Ingram Leroy
Islam Mohammed Bronx NY
Jacobs Arnols B Brooklyn NY
James James
Jamilal Mohamed Queens NY
Jamison Anthony Queens NY
Jamison Barret L Brooklyn NY
Jarra Jose Queens NY
Jason Jason
Jenkins Michael New York NY
Jerome Yves Bronx NY
Jerrerson Lloyd Queens NY
Jerry Jack Yonkers NY
Jesse Jesse
Jimenez Mera Yonkers NY
Jiminez Santos New York NY
Jioul Smail Brooklyn NY
Joe Joe
John (0403) John (0403)
John (8888) John (8888)
John Matt John Matt
Johnson Cheyonne Brooklyn NY
Johnson David E. Moline IL
Johnson Derrick N Brooklyn NY
Johnson Ian Queens NY
Johnson Lamont Queens NY
Johnson Suzette
Jolivert Jean Brooklyn NY
Jones Jermaine Bronx NY
Jones Parish New York NY
Jones Preston Bronx NY
Jorge Jorge
Jose Jose
Joseph Albin Bronx NY
Joseph Juan Brooklyn NY
Juarez Jorge P. Queens NY
Junaid Abimbola Bronx NY
Justiniano Patrick Nassau NY
Jysingh Shyamdat Queens NY
Kakawa Anastasios Brooklyn NY
Kalejaiye Nurudeen Queens NY
Kaler Mohan Lal Queens NY
Kalouris Konlos Nassau NY
Kastrzewa Thomas Queens NY
Keldon Keldon
Kemraj Nankissore Bronx NY
Kennedy Deon Brooklyn NY
Kennedy Stuart Queens NY
Kerry Kerry
Khair Abdul Bronx NY
Khan Akbar Bronx NY
Khvorenkov Igor Brooklyn NY
Kidd Elizabeth Bronx NY
Klasher Shand Brooklyn NY
Klishkovskiy Yuri Brooklyn NY
Knoll Paul New York NY
Koii Vladimir Queens NY
Kondratyev Aleksandr Brooklyn NY
Kondryuk Anatoliy Brooklyn NY
Kosseh James Columbus OH
Krasniqi Nezir Bronx NY
Krasniqi Nezir Bronx NY
Krivoshey Louis Queens NY
Kruglyak Viktor Queens NY
Krusezwski Norbert Brooklyn NY
Kureshy Ishtiyaq Staten Island NY
Kutuzov Petr Brooklyn NY
Kwaku Amoah Bronx NY
Kwesi Nyarko Bronx NY
Labot Edward Bronx NY
Lacalamito Abir Staten Island NY
Lago Jose Bayonne NJ
Laguerre Jean Brooklyn NY
Lahka Gopal Queens NY
Lane Yvonne Brooklyn NY
Lara Jose Queens NY
Larkin William Nassau NY
Lawrence Michelle New York NY
Lee Darnell Brooklyn NY
Lee Derryke Brooklyn NY
Lee Perry Brooklyn NY
Lena Orges Brooklyn NY
Lennox Lennox
Leon Alejardo Norcross GA
Leon Jose New York NY
Lewin Wilfred Bronx NY
Lewis Anthony Brooklyn NY
Lewis Anthony Brooklyn NY
Lezark Bob
Lindsay Damon Bronx NY
Lleshi Shkumbin Staten Island NY
Lliguisaca Jose Queens NY
Lloreda Miguel Queens NY
Lluvera Joseph Queens NY
Lobo Tony Nassau NY
Loboda Valerii Stroudsberg PA
Lohier Jean-Gladue Brooklyn NY
Lokhandwaia Elias
Lombando Joseph Nassau NY
London Roxanne Brooklyn NY
Lopez Alfonso Staten Island NY
Lopez Daniel Yonkers NY
Lopez Eduardo Bronx NY
Lopez Francisco White Plains NY
Lopez Jm Newark NJ
Lopez Luis Queens NY
Lopez Miguel Patterson NY
Lopez Santa Bronx NY
Lopez Victor Tucker GA
Louallen Gregg Queens NY
Louie Louie
Louton Samuel
Lucero Luis Bronx NY
Lucey T. Ballston Spa NY
Luciano Luciano
Luis Luis
Lyalin Arkady Brooklyn NY
Macastos Henry
Macias Jose Brooklyn NY
Mackins Jacqueline Brooklyn NY
Maggio Joseph Suffolk NY
Mahabir Michael Nassau NY
Mahadeo Rampersad Bronx NY
Maisonet Jason Brooklyn NY
Makinde Sikeade Brooklyn NY
Malave Isaac Queens NY
Maldonado Chris Yonkers NY
Maldonado J North Bergen NJ
Marcantonio James Staten Island NY
Maria Jose Bronx NY
Marin Angel Staten Island NY
Marin Carlos Passaic NJ
Mark Mark
Markuszewski Henryk Brooklyn NY
Marquez Luis Queens NY
Marrero-Ramirez Iris New York NY
Marrero Shawn Brooklyn NY
Marte Marcial Bronx NY
Martin Luis Queens NY
Martinez Ernesto Brooklyn NY
Martinez Hector Brooklyn NY
Martinez Julio Nassau NY
Martinez Leonida Bronx NY
Martinez Luis Queens NY
Martins Jose C. Newark NJ
Marzan Louis A. Queens NY
Mata Marcos A. Elmwood Park NJ
Mathew David
Matute Ivan Queens NY
Maurice Harold New York NY
Maurizaca Manuel Queens NY
Maurizaca Manuel Queens NY
Maycock Sharon Brooklyn NY
Mccain Leonard Brooklyn NY
Mccain Shane Nassau NY
Mccrae Leocollie New York NY
Mccullough Carlos
Mcdonald Anthony Staten Island NY
Mcdonald Berlinda Queens NY
Mcgill James Brooklyn NY
Mcginness Paul Queens NY
Mcgonigal Mathew Yonkers NY
Mcgriff Cora Brooklyn NY
Mckabe Kevin Suffolk NY
Mclennon Lloyd
Mcnamara James Monticello NY
Meadows Lamont Arlington VA
Medina Ademir Brooklyn NY
Medina Manuel New York NY
Medina Salvador
Meha Sulejman Brooklyn NY
Meja Jose Santos Doraville GA
Melendez Carlos Staten Island NY
Melendez Oscar
Melendez Samuel Yonkers NY
Melo Alberto Queens NY
Menadi Vito Brooklyn NY
Mendosa Chris Yonkers NY
Mendoza Samuel Goshen NY
Menje Michael Queens NY
Mensah Justice Bronx NY
Mercado Frankie Bronx NY
Merino Ulises Nassau NY
Merlino M. Mt. Kisco NY
Metz, Jr James F. Nassau NY
Meyers William Brooklyn NY
Miedler Tadeus Queens NY
Mighty Barrington Nassau NY
Miguel Miguel
Miguel Miguel
Miguez Francesco Harrison NJ
Mike Mike
Millard Michael New York NY
Miller, 3Rd Robert Poughkeepsie NY
Miller, Jr Robert Poughkeepsie NY
Miller, Sr Robert NY
Mills Robert Queens NY
Mis Krzysztof Brooklyn NY
Mitchell Vernon Bronx NY
Mobarek Hossain Md
Moeneses Guillermo Queens NY
Mohammed Quddus
Mohammed Ratan Queens NY
Molina Juan Queens NY
Molina Roberto Yonkers NY
Monroe Ronald Queens NY
Montemarano Christopher Carteret NJ
Montgomery Anthony Bronx NY
Moonilal Sandy Queens NY
Moore Ezra A. Brooklyn NY
Moore Kevin Bronx NY
Moore Nessa Queens NY
Morales Eric (K) Bronx NY
Morales Tito Brooklyn NY
Moran Francisco Bronx NY
Moreno Maria Bronx NY
Morrell Timothy Bronx NY
Morris David Queens NY
Morris Fay
Moses Dayvon J. Brooklyn NY
Moti Moti
Mtz Felix Queens NY
Mtz Luis Queens NY
Mujica Luis Yonkers NY
Murray Derrick Brooklyn NY
Muszkatel Jerzy Queens NY
Napolitano N
Narvaez Quan Brooklyn NY
Nash, Jr. David Yonkers NY
Nat Nat
Navarro Hugo Yonkers NY
Nazario Carlos Queens NY
Nebus Scott Forked River NJ
Neely Anthony
Negron Andres, Jr. Bronx NY
Nelson Jordy NY
Newton Latisha Brooklyn NY
Nissan Nissan
Noga Sandra New York NY
Nolasco Francisco Queens NY
Norge Freddy Queens NY
Nunez Jose
O'Connor Lenore Queens NY
Obeng Steven K Bronx NY
Ochoa J.
Offner Steve
Olabasi Lydia Bronx NY
Olabasi Oladontun Queens NY
Oliveria Luis Union City NJ
Olowu Adrenrele Brooklyn NY
Olvera Oscar Queens NY
Oritiz M. Brooklyn NY
Orrelana Enrique Queens NY
Ortega Daimer K. Queens NY
Ortega Diego F. Queens NY
Ortega Rodrigo New York GA
Ortiz Benjamin Brooklyn NY
Ortiz Hipolito Brooklyn NY
Ortiz Milagros Bronx NY
Osinowo Ayodele Brooklyn NY
Osorio Christopher Yonkers NY
Otero Arturo Brooklyn NY
Ouid Salem
Overton Emerson Bronx NY
Owens John New York NY
Pablo Pablo
Padilla Marco Queens NY
Pagan Franklin New York NY
Palafox Refugio
Palamarenko Andriy Brooklyn NY
Palazzolo Christopher Brooklyn NY
Palazzolo Christopher Brooklyn NY
Palazzolo Christopher Brooklyn NY
Palogan Dante Clifton NJ
Paradise Steve Suffolk NY
Parastatidis Nicho New Brunswick NJ
Paredes Freddy Queens NY
Parisi Joseph J
Patel Rajesh Brooklyn NY
Patel Shankarbhai Bronx NY
Pauciullo Michael Suffolk NY
Paul Manducheka Brooklyn NY
Paz Marcelo Carteret NJ
Pecoraro Anthony Staten Island NY
Peguero Rudy Bronx NY
Pena Daysi Bronx NY
Pena Esgly
Peralta Orlando Doraville GA
Peralta Victor Antonio
Perdomo Roberto Staten Island NY
Pereira Carlos Newark NJ
Perez Hector Yonkers NY
Perez J. Carteret NJ
Perez Juan New York NY
Perez Michael
Persaud Dhan Paul Queens NY
Pete Pete
Peterson Walker Bushkill PA
Peynado Gregory M. Brooklyn NY
Philips Ralph Brooklyn NY
Pierre Jean Eddy Brooklyn NY
Pino Flabiano
Pinto Antonio J. Carteret NJ
Pinto Israel Brooklyn NY
Piredo Jesus Queens NY
Pombas Rui Newark NJ
Popiolek Marek Brooklyn NY
Portano Frank
Porter Michael
Posada Alvaro
Potente Gabriel Yonkers NY
Powell Herbert Queens NY
Preston Donald D. Brooklyn NY
Previl Daumec Brooklyn NY
Prezeus Mario Congers NY
Price Justin New York NY
Prince Ansah Bronx NY
Prosepero Roberto Brooklyn NY
Puig-Gaceia Julian Bronx NY
Puntiel Antonio New York NY
Qaryouti M. Brooklyn NY
Qoku Mohamet Brooklyn NY
Quarto Anthony Nassau NY
Quijada Cesar Bronx NY
Quijada Cesar Bronx NY
Qureshi Mohammed Queens NY
R Fernan
Ramarine Shana Bronx NY
Ramcharan Andy
Ramirez (Munoz) Julian Queens NY
Ramirez Jesus Bronx NY
Ramirez Salvador
Ramlogan Ramlal Peter Suffolk NY
Ramon Ramon
Ramos Claudio Brooklyn NY
Rampersaud Rukim Queens NY
Ramroop Jaggernauth Queens NY
Rana Jose Queens NY
Randal Robles Queens NY
Ratler Shelly
Redy Robert
Reeves Rochelle Brooklyn NY
Reiger Michael Queens NY
Rendon Alberto
Restrepo Fernando
Reyes Egbert New York NY
Reynosa Jose J, Brooklyn NY
Rhee Byong-Ike Queens NY
Rhymer Anthony Bronx NY
Rice Mitchell
Richard Richard
Richardson Bobby Bronx NY
Rick Rick
Ridley Jessie Brooklyn NY
Rincon Edwin Queens NY
Rinen Eddy Queens NY
Rivera Marian Bronx NY
Rivers Nicole Brooklyn NY
Robinson Early Brooklyn NY
Rochez Cresencio Bronx NY
Rodrigues Sylvester Mt. Vernon NY
Rodriguez Cesar A.
Rodriguez Fernando Queens NY
Rodriguez J. Queens NY
Rodriguez Johnny Brooklyn NY
Rodriguez Jorge Bronx NY
Rodriguez Jose
Rodriguez Roberto Brooklyn NY
Rodriguez Wilfredo Queens NY
Rogello Rojas Queens NY
Rojas Benjamin
Rokia Diane
Roman Roman
Rosado Alexis Bronx NY
Rosales Alexander Queens NY
Rosales Miguel
Rosario Juan New York NY
Rosas Jose E. Queens NY
Rowley Raymond Queens NY
Rowlings Mitchell
Royo Miguel Carteret NJ
Rudolph Rudolph
Ruiz Jesus Queens NY
Ruslan Ruslan
Rybtchouk Serguei Staten Island NY
Saenz Jose
Sailes Leon Jr. New York NY
Salazar Oswaldo Staten Island NY
Saldivar Cesar Queens NY
Salem Ibrahim Brooklyn NY
Sally Malcom Yonkers NY
Sam Sam
Samaroo Leon Queens NY
Samid Gavin Queens NY
Sanchez Edgar Norcross GA
Sanchez Habner D. Nassau NY
Sanchez Isabel Yonkers NY
Sanders Eric New York NY
Sandiford David C. Brooklyn NY
Santana Alexander Bronx NY
Santanez Carlos Queens NY
Santoro Philip Pawling, Ny NY
Santos Jose L. Brooklyn NY
Santos Juan Brooklyn NY
Santos Luis I Brooklyn NY
Santos Migell
Santos Philip Brooklyn NY
Sarahdo Louis Queens NY
Satizabal Kevin Queens NY
Sauer Steven J. Nassau NY
Scharpe Pamela Bronx NY
Schiffer Michael Beacon NY
Schorea Christopher Bronx NY
Schruerri Norman Fred Queens NY
Selgado Carlos Bronx NY
Sepotueda Kensil New York NY
Sepulveda Suluaga Gladis Liliana
Sepulveda Zuluaga Jacqueline
Sepulveda Miguel Queens NY
Seraphin Donald
Shakir Alam
Sharppe Marshay
Shedrick Shedrick
Shim Nadine Brooklyn NY
Siguenza Geovanny Queens NY
Silva Alexander F. Newark NJ
Silva Cleidson Kearney NJ
Silva Fernando Brooklyn NY
Simmons, Jr. Edward E. New York NY
Simon Simon
Sinchi Angel Queens NY
Sinchi German Queens NY
Singh Balihar Queens NY
Singh Baljit Queens NY
Singh Balkar Queens NY
Singh Balwinder
Singh Bikram Queens NY
Singh Brigmohan Bronx NY
Singh Harjit Queens NY
Singh Kawall Queens NY
Singh Paramjit Queens NY
Singh Paul Queens NY
Singh Sewa Queens NY
Singh Sukhdip Queens NY
Singh Surinder Queens NY
Singh Tarsem Queens NY
Siverio Oriel New York NY
Skibowski Bartosz Brooklyn NY
Sky Sky
Small Warren
Smalling Mark Belleville NJ
Smith Anthony L. Queens NY
Smith Steven Brooklyn NY
Smith Virgil
Smoot Bryant Bronx NY
Sohanlall Kumardat Bronx NY
Sookoo Sookoo
Soto Ramon
Spann Douglas Bronx NY
Spann Josh
Stanford Derrick
Stec Leszek Queens NY
Steichl Anthony
Stepan Dudyak Brooklyn NY
Sterling Ricky
Stewart Sherrod Brooklyn NY
Strait Aaron Brooklyn NY
Strose Sheldon
Suarez Jesus Bronx NY
Suriel Ramona Bronx NY
Szczesniewicz Dariusz J. Brooklyn NY
T Josh Hawthorne NY
Tabois Joseph
Tacuri Manuel Queens NY
Tate Kitson G. Middletown NY
Taylor Early
Tedesco Christopher Suffolk NY
Tejada Geovani
Telwell Winston Queens NY
Tenesaca Luis
Teo Cain Bronx NY
Terraccino Joshua Hawthorne NY
Then Fanny New York NY
Then Jose New York NY
Theodore Aslbsy
Theriot Robert Bronx NY
Thomas Darryl Brooklyn NY
Thomas Rhonda Brooklyn NY
Tikaram Neil Queens NY
Timothy John Queens NY
Tirado Alberto Brooklyn NY
Tirado Lorenzo Newark NY
Toe Emmanuel
Tong Charles
Torruella Luis Queens NY
Townsend Nyeasha Brooklyn NY
Trapalis Andres Queens NY
Treacy Michael T. Allentown PA
Treyakov Ruslav Brooklyn NY
Trocey Clint Queens NY
Tudor Mark Brooklyn NY
Turcios Oreste Bronx NY
Turpin Karl
Twum Edward Bronx NY
Tyrone Tyrone
Ultz Jesus
Umekezie Eric Bronx NY
Unknown Unknown
Valden Wilson Queens NY
Vale Steven Staten Island NY
Valenzuela Landa New York NY
Vargas Juan M. Bronx NY
Vargas Julio C.
Vazquez Peter
Vega Vilma Brooklyn NY
Velasquez Anthonio Brooklyn NY
Velayudhan Chellappan Yonkers NY
Vella Joseph C. Nassau NY
Ventura Mario R. Elizabeth NJ
Victor Victor
Vicuna Klebher Saylorsburg PA
Vilensky Vladimir Brooklyn NY
Vilmenay Pat Brooklyn NY
Vinny Vinny
Vitiello Victor N. Saddle Brook NJ
Viveros Bernardo Playa Vicente
Wadsworth Marcus Haverstraw NY
Wagner Steve Nassau NY
Walawender Alfred Maspeth NY
Walker Conrad Brooklyn NY
Walker John F Queens NY
Wallace Kevin Brooklyn NY
Washburn William Nassau NY
Washington Charles Bronx NY
Washington Francis New York NY
Washington Kareen Brooklyn NY
Watson Glen
Weeks James
Welch Rodney Brooklyn NY
Wells William Staten Island NY
West Edward Bronx NY
Whftstone Anthony Newark NJ
Wiktorzak Roman Brooklyn NY
Wilkins Lance Yonkers NY
Williams James Brooklyn NY
Williams Jermiine New York NY
Williams Kevin Brooklyn NY
Williams Lillian Bronx NY
Williams Ronald Brooklyn NY
Williams Terry Brooklyn NY
Williams Terry Brooklyn NY
Williams Terry Brooklyn NY
Williams Tyrone New York NY
Wills Khaishiem Yonkers NY
Willy Willy
Wilson Andy Brooklyn NY
Wilson Matthew Suffolk NY
Wiredu Fred Bronx NY
Wosco Carlos Queens NY
Wright Sherry Bronx NY
Yanchatpan Fausto Queens NY
Yearwood Kirt Brooklyn NY
Yearwood Selienya Bronx NY
Yeboah Ofori Bronx NY
Yepez Jorge
Yi Carlos Queens NY
Young Nateguan
Zack Zack
Zaki Kirollos South Amboy NJ
Zapata Andres Restrepo Queens NY
Zawinowski Zarius Brooklyn NY
Zenui Elio
Zuniga Elisa Atlanta GA
Zuniga Mario Brooklyn NY

2 File a Proof of Claim

You must file a proof of claim to collect your award. You will be contacted by someone from the Comptroller’s Office when your Proof of Claim form is received.