In accordance with New York City Charter §232, the Comptroller’s Report on the Status of Existing Capital Projects as of the first day of July, is issued annually on December first, and sets forth the amount and nature of all obligations authorized for each pending capital project and the liabilities incurred for each such project.  The report shows available funding for on-going capital projects and the total amount already expended since project inception.

The report appears in order by City Agency department code and includes the following information:

  • Appropriation Code: Unique identifier that describes for each agency, the specific purpose for which funds were authorized in the capital budget for commitment and expenditure;
  • Appropriation Name: Brief description of the specific purpose;
  • Appropriated Amount: The total funds devoted to a specific purpose;
  • Expended Amount: The amount of funds spent on a specific purpose;
  • Encumbered Amount: The amount of funds designated to pay for a specific purpose, but not spent as of yet;
  • Unobligated Amount: The funds currently available for spending for the specific purpose: Appropriated less Expended less Encumbered = Unobligated.