Vendor Roadmap

After Contract Award

Step 4 provides information regarding the procurement process in the period between award selection and contract registration.

Award Finalization

Once a vendor has been selected for a contract, the City will negotiate final contract terms, advertise and hold a contract public hearing (as applicable), work with the City’s oversight agencies for final budget and procedural requisites approval, and perform a responsibility determination for the selected vendor.

Responsibility Determination

The City is required to award contracts to responsible contractors only, and Agencies must review all proposed contract awardees and subcontractors before expending taxpayer dollars. A “responsible vendor” is one who has the capability to fully perform the contract requirements in all respects and the business integrity to justify the award of a City contract.
In completing a responsibility determination, an Agency may request and review information pertaining to the topics below:


Vendors receiving an award of at least $100,000 or vendors holding contracts with an aggregate value of at least $100,000 in the prior 12 months must complete and submit VENDEX Forms for the contracting entity and its principals, as well as any parent companies and certain affiliates and owners. This information is entered into a VENDEX Database and is subsequently used by Agencies in performing their required responsibility reviews.

Employment Practices

The Division of Labor Services (DLS) enforces Executive Order No. 50 which requires City contractors to comply with Federal, State, and local equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws and regulations. You may be asked to provide information on the workforce composition and employment policies and practices of your business.

Business Taxes

Business tax status is checked as part of every vendor responsibility review and determination. It is therefore important to ensure that your business taxes are current by visiting the NYC Department of Finance. Vendors should also ensure that their State and Federal taxes are up to date and that there are no outstanding tax liens, warrants, or judgments against the business or any of its principals, affiliates, etc.

Contract Registration

The Comptroller oversees the City’s contract registration process, and Bureau of Contract Administration reviews and registers most City contracts. Once a contract has received all required oversight approvals and has been executed by both parties, the contracting Agency prepares and delivers a contract submission package to the Bureau of Contract Administration as applicable. The Comptroller has 30 calendar days from the date of submission to register, return, or object to the pending contract action.

Business Loans

The loan programs listed below are available to businesses in need of start-up resources or other financial support and may be available to your business to cover contract-related expenditures before invoicing and payment begins.

Fund for the City of New York

The Fund for the City of New York (FCNY) manages the Returnable Grant Fund, a cash flow loan that provides bridge financing to nonprofit organizations that are waiting for committed funds from governments and foundations.

New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) Loan Programs

NYCEDC offers a variety of business services and loan programs including the Kick-Start Loan Program, NYC Capital Access Loan Guaranty Program, New Markets Revolving Loan Fund, NYC Fashion Production Fund, and NYC Food Manufacturers Growth Fund.

The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan Programs

SBA offers several federal loan programs such as General Small Business Loans, Microloans, Real Estate and Equipment Loans, and Disaster Loans.