Vendor Roadmap

Getting Paid

Step 5 provides information regarding preparing for and receiving contract payments.

The City’s Payment System

Once registered in the City’s Financial Management System (FMS), payment for services rendered and/or goods provided may begin in accordance with the terms of your contract (i.e., invoice submission, review and approval). You will be able to track all of your City contracts, contract payments, and approved subcontractors in PIP, and your contract will appear in Checkbook NYC.

Substitute W-9

The City must have current and accurate substitute W-9s for each vendor before making contract payments. You may have submitted a signed substitute W-9 when you activated your PIP account. If you did not, or if any of the information contained on that submission has since changed, complete and submit an updated substitute W-9.

Electronic Payment

Most City contracts require that payment be disbursed via electronic funds transfer (EFT). If your business has not already enrolled to receive EFT payment, you may find the EFT enrollment form on the PIP homepage.