Vendor Roadmap

Getting Started

Step 1 provides important guidance on business formation, relevant government filing requirements, and New York City vendor enrollment. The information provided is geared towards those vendors thinking about starting a business as well as existing businesses looking to do business with the City.

Business Tools

If you are seeking to start a business, please click on the applicable links to find City, State, and Federal resources:

Register with the City

Every vendor looking to do business with the City must first activate an account in the City’s Payee Information Portal (PIP). As a NYC vendor, PIP will be used at various stages in the procurement and contracting process to serve functions such as invoicing, payment, contract management, and keeping your business profile current.

To build your business profile, PIP requires new vendors to enter basic company information such as business name, organizational structure, tax identification number, and contact information for correspondence regarding various contract-related opportunities, payment, billing, and administration. PIP also requires vendors to select the appropriate commodity codes reflecting the particular goods and/or services that your business provides.

Enrollment in Prequalified Vendor Lists or “PQLs”

When Agencies determine that the advanced screening of vendor qualifications is necessary to efficiently procure certain services, they are permitted to establish a new PQL or use an existing PQL, distributing solicitations to the listed vendors directly. For example, the Comptroller’s Office maintains a PQL of Certified Public Accounting firms for Agencies to utilize when seeking auditing services.

To establish a new PQL for a specific procurement, Agencies are required to publish notice in The City Record as well as post a notice on the City’s website identifying the category of goods, services, or construction the PQL covers, inviting vendors to apply for inclusion on the list, and establishing a cutoff date for receipt of applications for a particular procurement.

Applications to join existing PQLs remain open on a rolling basis, and reminder notices are published annually in The City Record, posted on a City website (typically the website of the Agency maintaining the PQL) and, for construction, an annual publication of the PQL is required in a local NYC newspaper.

Additional Enrollment for Businesses that Provide Client and Community-Based Services

If your business provides client and community-based services, you can enroll in the City’s Health and Human Services (HHS) Accelerator, an online procurement system launched to streamline the competitive contract process. These services include, but are not limited to, day care, home care, homeless assistance, employment training and assistance, vocational and educational programs, preventative services, youth services, and senior centers.

HHS Accelerator prequalifies service providers in various program categories, making it easier for vendors to respond to future solicitations by eliminating the need to produce duplicate information and/or documentation for every proposal. Rather, HHS Accelerator uses a “Document Vault” to store electronic versions of previously submitted material that vendors can update as necessary.