Vendor Roadmap

Identifying Opportunities

Step 2 provides information on where the City posts procurement notices, how vendors can find opportunities, and links to available plans listing future opportunities.

The City Record

You can find contract opportunities by regularly checking The City Record, which publishes announcements regarding solicitations, contract awards, upcoming public hearings and meetings, proposed and adopted agency rulemaking, and more. The City Record is published each weekday except for legal holidays, and its website contains a searchable database of procurement solicitations including franchises, concessions, and revocable consents as well as related notices. A subscription is available for purchase through its website for those interested in receiving hard copies.

Agency Websites

In addition to posting to The City Record, Agencies use their own websites to advertise contracting opportunities. Visit Agency websites to learn more.

Direct Solicitations

After activating a PIP account, your business will receive notices of solicitation identifying upcoming bids and requests for proposals when Agencies are seeking to procure goods and/or services that your business provides. Using information stored in PIP, Agencies can send prospective vendors direct solicitations for purchase orders and small purchases.

Published Contracting Plans

You can reference published contracting plans to get a better idea of what the City is planning to buy in the near future and identify contracts to compete for.

MOCS Plans and Reports

MOCS posts the following contract-related resources.

Annual Procurement Plans pursuant to Local Law 1 of 2013

MOCS posts Annual Procurement Plans on behalf of certain Mayoral Agencies each fiscal year. Each Agency’s plan lists the upcoming contracts that are subject to Local Law 1, which may contain M/WBE goals.

Annual Procurement Plans pursuant to Local Law 63 of 2011

MOCS also posts Annual Procurement Plans behalf of certain Mayoral Agencies each fiscal year. Each Agency’s plan lists the upcoming standard and professional services contracts that are subject to Local Law 63.

Concession Plans

MOCS oversees the Franchise and Concession award processes and posts Agency Annual Concession Plans and Annual Reports.

Construction Project Pipeline

The Construction Project Pipeline lists construction projects that Agencies expect to bid out over the next 12 months. MOCS publishes the Construction Project Pipeline three times a year in February, May, and October.

Annual Procurement Indicators Report

Each fiscal year, MOCS compiles and publishes the Procurement Indicators Report using contract data collected over the reporting period.

HHS Accelerator

HHS Accelerator posts a Procurement Roadmap of upcoming client and community-based services contract opportunities that will be procured through the system.

Learn More about Rules Governing NYC Procurement

With limited exceptions, the Procurement Policy Board (PPB) Rules govern the procurement of all goods, services, and construction by City Agencies to be paid for out of the City treasury or out of monies under the control of, assessed, or collected by the City.

The City’s Concession Rules govern grants made by City Agencies for the private use of City-owned property, such as for food sales or recreational activity for which the City receives compensation other than in the form of a fee to cover administrative costs. Concessions do not include franchises, revocable consents, or leases. In certain situations, franchises and concessions are subject to the approval of the City’s Franchise & Concession Review Committee.

The Department of Parks and Recreation awards the majority of the City’s concessions, with about 500 concessions currently operating in parks throughout the five boroughs. Visit their website to learn more and to find concession opportunities.

Be sure to complete all necessary licensing steps for operating a concession. The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) provides business-related licenses such as Sidewalk Café and General Vendor Licenses. The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DoHMH) provides health and safety related licenses in various fields, including several food and restaurant-related licenses. To learn more about the licenses that apply to your business, visit NYC Business Express, linked in Step 1: Getting Started.