Vendor Roadmap

Staying Current

Step 6 provides information on ongoing considerations for City vendors.

Prepare for Annual Performance Evaluations

The PPB Rules require that the majority of open contracts be evaluated for performance by the contracting Agency at least once a year. Agencies evaluate vendors on a scale from “Unsatisfactory” to “Excellent” in the following three areas:

  • Timeliness of performance
  • Fiscal administration and accountability
  • Overall quality of performance

Agencies and vendors use annual performance evaluations as contract management tools to identify strengths and target opportunities. Once completed by the contracting Agency, MOCS will notify the contractor of its performance evaluation and provide that vendor with an opportunity to review and respond before the outcomes are posted in VENDEX.

Workshops and Classes

SBS offers a number of free courses and workshops geared toward new and existing small business which aim to strengthen a vendor’s core business process and include courses tailored to doing business with the City. A sampling of SBS-offered courses is listed below:

  • Business Planning Basics
  • Business Financial Management
  • Accessing Financing
  • Marketing 101
  • Selling to New York City
  • Insurance Requirements for Public Work Workshop

It’s important to stay up to date with required filings such as VENDEX, insurance, and taxes during your contract term and as you compete for new work.

MOCS offers training and support for nonprofit organizations through their Capacity Building and Oversight (CBO) Program, which conducts organizational capacity assessments, offers assistance with State and Federal compliance requirements, and holds Capacity Building Trainings.