Certificate of Residence

Submit In Person

To Apply:

  1. Complete the affidavit and have it notarized (the Comptroller’s Office does not notarize).
  2. Present the notarized affidavit, plus two items of proof of residency in person to:
Office of the Comptroller
1 Centre Street, Room 1329
New York, NY 10007

(Open only Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM)

Proof of residency must show applicant’s address (not P.O. Box or in care of a third party) and include the applicant’s name.

One form of proof of residency must be dated more than six months from your date of application and one must be dated within six months from date of application.

Examples of acceptable proof of residency are:

  • lease or deed, or, if not available, a letter from a landlord on the landlord’s letterhead listing dates of tenancy and rent payments
  • postmarked envelope mailed to you at your current address, dated less than six (6) months ago
  • prior year’s income tax return (parents’ or parent’s tax return, if you are listed as a dependent)
  • homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy
  • driver’s license or automobile registration certificate
  • bank statement
  • automobile insurance policy
  • utility bill
  • cell phone bill
  • selective service card
  • voter registration

Note: If residing with your parent, you must bring one of the above proofs that show the permanent, New York City address of the parent/student residence, along with a letter signed by your parent and notarized that states the student is now, and has been for a period of one year, living with that parent.