Speed Camera Petition

Dear State Senators,

With the first day of school around the corner, we the undersigned parents of New York State students write to strongly urge you to turn on the school-zone speed cameras that were turned off after you left for vacation. For us, these cameras are not about politics – they are about keeping our children safe, and making sure that drivers are not allowed to speed around our schools without penalty.

Honestly, it’s hard to understand why this is even a debate – it’s well-known that speed cameras work. Speeding violations have dropped 60 percent around schools that have them. They work so well, in fact, that they should be expanded to far more schools in the city, not just the 140 that the State has allowed so far. Urgently, with classes set to begin Sept. 5th, we need the state Legislature to turn back on the existing cameras now, and to take this common-sense step without further delay.

Our schools teach students that in a democracy, everyone is supposed to have a say. We elect our leaders to represent us in the halls of government and to make sure that all voices are heard. Our families are directly affected by your decision on this issue. Please, hear our voices now and turn back on the speed cameras. Show us that our voices matter, too.






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