The Duties of the Comptroller


Scott M. Stringer is the Comptroller of the City of New York, the City’s Chief Financial Officer, responsible for providing an independent voice to safeguard the fiscal health of the City, root out waste, fraud and abuse in City government and ensure the effective performance of City agencies to achieve their goals of serving the needs of all New Yorkers.

As Comptroller, Scott’s responsibilities include conducting performance and financial audits of all City agencies; serving as a fiduciary to the City’s five public pension funds totaling nearly $160 billion in assets; providing comprehensive oversight of the City’s budget and fiscal condition; reviewing City contracts for integrity, accountability and fiscal compliance; managing the fair, efficient and effective resolution of claims; ensuring transparency and accountability in the prevailing wage rate-setting process and vigorously enforcing prevailing wage and living wage laws; and promoting innovative policies that enhance City government’s efficiency, integrity and performance for all New Yorkers.

Scott brings a 20-year record of innovation, independence, and integrity to the Comptroller’s Office. By conducting performance audits of every City agency, strengthening the sustainability of the City’s pensions and overseeing the fiscal and budget health of the City, Scott will ensure that every tax dollar is being invested in programs that provide deliverable returns to all New Yorkers and help to create jobs and boost our economy.

Scott believes that the success of New York City’s economy is best measured by how the economy works to nurture a middle class that has long been the backbone of communities throughout the five boroughs. As Comptroller, Scott will work to ensure that our City government and our economy lifts up all New Yorkers and gives everyone an equal opportunity to succeed.

Scott believes it is the Comptroller’s duty to make every dollar count—whether it’s put to work in our classrooms, hospitals, parks, or streets—and to maximize the economic impact of our City’s investments on our quality of life and economic growth.

Scott leads a staff of 760 employees—accountants, attorneys, computer analysts, economists, engineers, budget, financial and investment analysts, claim specialists and researchers, clerical and administrative support staff—who work together every day to accomplish an array of tasks on behalf of the communities of New York City. Scott will work hard to achieve this through the many critical functions of the Comptroller’s Office:

The Duties and Goals of the Comptroller