Contract Registration

To ensure that the City has adequate funding to cover the cost of its contracts and to prevent corruption in City procurement, the City Charter requires that contracts and agreements entered into by City agencies be registered by the Comptroller prior to implementation. This requirement extends to all agreements memorializing the terms of franchises, revocable consents, and concessions. The Comptroller’s Bureau of Contract Administration (BCA), which fulfills this registration responsibility, has 30 calendar days from the date a complete contract package is submitted by a City agency to either register, return, or object to the registration of the contract.

Contract Registration Guide

Agency personnel charged with preparing and submitting registration packages to the Comptroller’s Office can learn more about the process in the Comptroller’s Contract Registration Guide.

Agency Request Portal for Contract Unlocks and Overrides

Agency personnel charged with preparing and submitting contract unlock and override requests to BCA must do so using the Agency Request Portal for Contract Unlocks and Overrides (ARP or Portal). Email or telephone requests will no longer be accepted.

Annual Contracts Report

Individuals can learn more about the City’s financial commitment assumed through registered contracts and agreements during a prior fiscal year, as well as statistical data for said year, by reading BCA’s Annual Summary Contracts Reports. Note that this report also includes certain annual data produced by the Comptroller’s Bureau of Labor Law.


To see whether a submitted contract has been registered or is pending registration, visit Checkbook NYC.