City Retirees’ Services

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) of monthly retirement allowance is offered to retired New York City employees who receive monthly pension benefit.  With EFT, the net monthly retirement allowance is automatically deposited into a checking or savings account on the payment date (the last day of the month).  If the last day of the month falls on a weekend or on a bank holiday, the deposit will appear the next business day.

Deposits may be made to individual or joint accounts; trust accounts are not acceptable. EFT is safe, fast, reliable, and convenient; it eliminates the possibility of lost or stolen checks.  To find out more information about Electronic Fund Transfer and obtain application forms, click on the respective pension fund website below:

Board of Education Retirement System
65 Court Street, 16th Floor
Brooklyn, New York  11201-4965
(718) 935-5400; 800-843-5575 out of NYC
New York City Employees Retirement System
335 Adams Street, Suite 2300
Brooklyn, New York  11201-3724
(347) 643-3000; (877) 669-2377 out of NYC; TTY: (347) 643-3501
New York Police Pension Fund
233 Broadway, 19th Floor
New York, New York  10279-2501
(212) 693-6888; out of NYC (888) 692-7733
Teachers’ Retirement System
55 Water Street
New York, New York  10041
(212) 612-5400; (888) 869-2877
Fire Department Retirement System
9 MetroTech Center, 6th Floor South
Brooklyn, NY 11201-3857
(718) 999-2327

You can also request EFT application forms by emailing the Community Action Center at or call (212) 669-3916; (800) 800-6385 from out of NYC; (212) 669-3450 TTY.