Leadership Team

Alaina Gilligo

First Deputy Comptroller

As First Deputy Comptroller, Alaina Gilligo provides senior policy and administrative support to the Comptroller, and is responsible for overseeing the internal operations of the office’s 14 bureaus, 760 employees and a $95 million agency budget.

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Amedeo D'Angelo

Deputy Comptroller for Administration

As Deputy Comptroller for Administration, Amedeo D’Angelo is responsible for management of the agency’s expense and capital budgets, human resources, labor relations, procurement services, information systems, space management, facilities, and other auxiliary services.

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Kathryn E. Diaz

General Counsel

Kathryn Diaz is chief counsel to the Comptroller, overseeing the Office’s legal affairs and representing its interests safeguarding the fiscal health of the City and the assets of the City’s five public pension systems.

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Alex Doñé

Deputy Comptroller for Asset Management-Chief Investment Officer

Alex Doñé currently serves as the Deputy Comptroller for Asset Management-Chief Investment Officer.

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Lisa M. Flores

Deputy Comptroller for Contracts and Procurement

As Deputy Comptroller for Contracts and Procurement, Lisa Flores oversees the review of all contracts, contract amendments, leases and concessions between City agencies and vendors to determine whether the agreements should be registered.

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Wendy Garcia

Chief Diversity Officer

As Chief Diversity Officer, Wendy Garcia is responsible for increasing contracting opportunities for Women- and Minority-owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs) and managing the Comptroller Office’s internal supplier diversity initiative, as well as other diversity related projects across all bureaus of the agency.

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Marjorie Henning

Deputy Comptroller for Public Finance

As Deputy Comptroller for Public Finance, Marjorie Henning manages City debt issuance and related policy and administration on behalf of Comptroller Stringer.

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Michael Lambert

Deputy Comptroller for Public Affairs

Michael Lambert is Deputy Comptroller for Public Affairs, managing all aspects of the Office’s public engagement including special events, community outreach, constituent services, and intergovernmental relations.

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Marjorie Landa

Deputy Comptroller for Audit and Investigation

As Deputy Comptroller for Audit and Investigations, Marjorie Landa is responsible for overseeing the work of more than 150 auditors, accountants, IT professionals, engineers, lawyers and analysts who conduct audits and investigations of matters related to and affecting the finances of the City of New York, including of City agencies, programs and contracts.

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Preston Niblack

Deputy Comptroller for Budget

As Deputy Comptroller for Budget, Preston Niblack is responsible for overseeing the work of the Budget Bureau including monitoring of New York City’s fiscal and cash position, analyzing and reporting on the City budget, and issuing reports on various budgetary and economic issues.

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Sascha Owen

Chief of Staff

As Chief of Staff, Sascha Owen manages the day-to-day functions and responsibilities of the office’s 760 employees, and oversees the Bureau of Public Affairs, including the Communications Office.

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David Saltonstall

Assistant Comptroller for Policy

As Assistant Comptroller for Policy, David Saltonstall oversees the development of the Comptroller’s public policy agenda and works closely with other units to transform the office into a hub of innovation and ideas.

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Jacqueline Thompson

Deputy Comptroller for Accountancy

As Deputy Comptroller for Accountancy, Jacqueline Thompson is responsible for overseeing the work of the Bureau of Accountancy.

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