Fiscal Year-End Closing Instructions 2018

There are two options for downloading and printing the Fiscal Year 2018 Closing Instructions:

  • Click here to download the entire set of instructions, or
  • Click on a particular section only (i.e., if you are responsible for your Department’s Imprest Fund, you can click on Section B and download only the pages that refer to Imprest Funds).

There are forms and schedules within several of the sections which can be downloaded, completed and returned to the Comptroller’s Office electronically – by E-Mail or USB Drive.  To access these forms/schedules, click on the link that appears under the section that contains the particular document.

Please Note the Following:

  • Please use these links to enter data in a particular form or schedule.
  • Downloadable forms/schedules have been protected and fill-in enabled for your convenience.
  • Departments will be able to submit information by filling in the gray highlighted areas for MS Word forms and by filling in designated cells in MS Excel worksheets.
  • E-Mail for Forms: E-mail addresses are to be used for the sole purpose of submitting downloadable forms.  Any questions, concerns, or issues should be addressed by telephone inquiries directly to the parties responsible.  (Please refer to the applicable sections on the Closing Instructions.)
Introduction Letter
Table of Contents
Fiscal Year End Closing Calendar

Fiscal Year End 2018 Closing Instructions