Privacy Policy

The Office of the City Comptroller maintains this site as a public service. The following information outlines the privacy policy regarding this site.

Information Collected

As you have affirmatively provided personally identifiable information during your visit to the Office of the City Comptroller’s website, we will collect such information in order to
provide you with the services you have requested.

Your e-mail address and any other information is not collected for commercial or marketing purposes and the Office of the City Comptroller will not sell, exchange or otherwise distribute the data collected for commercial or marketing purposes. Such information will be retained in accordance with existing laws, rules, regulations and other policies.

Please note that the information collected, whether or not personally identifiable, is not limited to text characters and may include audio, video and other graphic formats you send us. Some information is collected from you automatically when you view the Office of the City Comptroller’s website and download information. This may include your Internet Protocol address assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider, the domain name and type of browser and operating system you used, the date and time you accessed the website, the web pages you accessed at the site and the site you linked from to reach the Office of the City Comptroller’s site.

This information is collected for statistical analysis using third-party or proprietary software programs to create summary statistics. The statistics are used for the purpose of identifying system performance needs or problem areas and to generally add and improve services offered on the website.

Public Disclosure

As a general rule, we will not disclose any personally identifiable information collected online except when you have given us permission to do so or when the information is public information under the applicable laws. Visitors should be aware that information collected on the website may be subject to examination or inspection if such information is a public record or not otherwise protected from disclosure by applicable law.


“Cookies” are simple text files stored by your web browser to provide a method of distinguishing among visitors to websites that allow customized features such as a “shopping cart” feature for online purchasing. At times, the Office of the City Comptroller may occasionally use cookies to customize your browser experience. The cookies that are created on your computer by using our website will not compromise your privacy or security, since they do not contain personally identifiable information and will not be used to construct individual profiles of visitors. You can refuse the cookie or delete the cookie file from your computer at any time by using any one of a number of widely available methods. Before taking such steps, you should be aware that some websites may not work properly if you choose to block the placement of cookies on your computer.

Please note that the Office of the City Comptroller’s website has links to other web sites. When you link to one of these other sites, you are subject to the privacy policy of that new site and the privacy policy of the Office of the City Comptroller’s site is no longer applicable. Additionally, the Office of the City Comptroller cannot control the use of cookies at any other sites and is not in any way responsible for the content of such other sites.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The Office of the City Comptroller may amend this policy from time to time. In this regard, we will prominently display on this website any change in the way we will use your personal information.