Contract Registration Process

Contract Registration Guide

The New York City Charter requires all contracts procured for the provision of goods, services or construction that is paid out of the City treasury or paid out of money under the control of the City to be registered by the Comptroller.  The Comptroller has within 30 calendar days from the date the contract is submitted to register or object to the contract. The process is designed to ensure that sufficient funds exist to make payments for that contract, that all appropriate certifications and documentation has been obtained and collected, that the contractor is not involved in corrupt activity or that there was not possible corruption in the letting of the contract.

CIF Cover Sheet (Central Imaging Facility)

The CIF Cover Sheet (Central Imaging Facility) is submitted along with the contract registration package as part of the registration process. The Comptroller’s Bureau of Contract Administration (BCA) contacts the agency if it determines that the agency has supplied incorrect information.