“New York City is on the path to a greener, more sustainable future and the construction of the proposed Williams Northeast Supply Enhancement pipeline in the Rockaways is simply a monumental step backwards from that vision.

“The 23-mile pipeline would extend from New Jersey, along the Staten Island coast, past Coney Island and into the Rockaways. Allowing the construction of the pipeline risks damage to many of New York’s most precious habitats and natural assets, including New York Harbor, Jamaica Bay, and the Rockaway’s many beaches.

“I urge the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to reject plans for the Williams pipeline and to deliver an Environmental Impact Statement that truly accounts for the harm that climate change and rising sea levels pose to New Yorkers and our environment.

“Our goal of cutting 80 percent of emissions by 2050 makes the construction of this pipeline wholly unnecessary. Rather than enhance the energy infrastructure of yesterday, our City must instead do all that it can to transition to renewable energy sources and promote greater energy efficiency.”