(NEW YORK, NY)- New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer today announced the settlement of a pre-litigation claim with Jonathan Fleming for $6.25 million. Fleming filed a claim against New York City for damages related to his wrongful incarceration for a 1989 murder he did not commit.

“Following a careful review of the claim and facts of this case, my office has reached a settlement with Jonathan Fleming that is in the best interests of all parties,” Comptroller Stringer said. “Mr. Fleming spent nearly half of his life behind bars for a crime that evidence available at the time proved he could not have committed. I would like to thank Kings County District Attorney Kenneth Thompson for his efforts to exonerate Mr. Fleming. We cannot give back the time that he served, but the City of New York can offer Jonathan Fleming this compensation for the injustice that was committed against him.”

The following statement is from Mr. Fleming’s attorneys, Paul Callan and Martin Edelman:

“Today was a day of great joy and great sadness for Jonathan Fleming. Shortly after signing settlement documents relating to the resolution of his claims for wrongful imprisonment against the City of New York, Jonathan, who is an only son, traveled to the hospital where his mother is close to death, as a result of a serious illness.

“Jonathan has asked his attorneys Paul Callan and Martin Edelman to express his sincere appreciation to New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer and his pre litigation settlement team for the pre-lawsuit settlement of his claims relating to his 24 years of wrongful imprisonment. The swift settlement will enable Jonathan and his family to build a new life without the painful and costly prospect of further litigation.”

Under Chapter 5, Section 93 of the New York City Charter, the Comptroller has the authority to settle any claims against the City