(New York, NY) – On Tuesday, New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer released an open letter to New Yorkers to foster trust between workers on City public works projects and the Comptroller’s Bureau of Labor Law.

Anti-immigration messages and policies from the White House are stoking fear in communities across America, and Comptroller Stringer wants workers to know his office stands with them, regardless of their immigration status. Unscrupulous employers may believe, in the era of President Trump, that they can exploit immigrant workers. However, the Comptroller’s office will remain vigilant in enforcing prevailing wage laws and continue to ensure workers are paid fairly.

“Now more than ever, we have to protect our vulnerable citizens from being cheated out of their hard-earned wages.  Unfortunately, when government creates a climate of fear for immigrants, it becomes easy for employers to exploit that fear and cheat workers out of their hard-earned wages, because those workers will likely be afraid to complain. I want to make sure that employers on City contracts do not have an incentive to line their pockets by underpaying their immigrant workers.” Comptroller Stringer said. “We’re going to continue standing up for immigrants in every way we can, and I hope my open letter to New Yorkers sends that message.”

“My office does not inquire into immigration status because workers on public works projects are entitled to prevailing wages regardless of immigration status.”

Since 2014, the Comptroller’s office has assessed almost $20 million in prevailing wage violations, returned more than $9 million to workers, and debarred 40 contractors who took advantage of workers. The Comptroller’s Bureau of Labor Law is also holding almost $5 Million in unclaimed prevailing wage awards.

For more information contact: Labor Law hotline (212) 669-4443, laborlaw@comptroller.nyc.gov or visit http://comptroller.nyc.gov/prevailing-wage.

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