“Right now, in our City and across the country, there are foreign-born immigrants who are living in deep fear, who are holding their breath hoping and praying that their families will not be targeted just because they have sought a better life.

“At a time when we should be embracing 21st century values, President Trump is foisting a 1950s agenda on America. These actions don’t reflect who we are as a nation, and they send exactly the wrong message to our children, our City, and the rest of the world. Banning refugees from war-torn countries, building a wall, and turning local police departments into deportation forces — all are antithetical to American values.

“Immigrants and refugees make extraordinary contributions not only to the social fabric of our communities, but also to the strength and vitality of our economy. We’ve run the numbers — and our report on foreign-born New Yorkers shows it. Immigrants are critical to our City’s economy. Yet, the Trump administration wants to undercut cities that welcome immigrants with open arms. It’s wrong.

“There is critical federal funding at stake for New York City. Either the White House doesn’t understand the significance of its threats to defund Sanctuary Cities, or it does and is willfully turning its back on America’s legacy as the land of freedom and opportunity for all.

“Instead of building walls, we should be tearing down barriers. Instead of ripping families apart, we should be supporting them. We should be encouraging more immigration — not less. These Executive Actions and threats to defund Sanctuary Cities simply take America backwards.”

Earlier this month, Comptroller Stringer released a report showing the contributions that foreign-born New Yorkers make to our City economy. Comptroller Stringer has also released an analysis of federal funding to New York City, developed in the wake of Donald Trump’s election.