“New York is a place that leaves no one behind because of who they are, who they love, or where they’re from. We believe in helping our neighbors, in supporting them in times of need. We are the progressive capital of America, and we embrace 21st century values.

“Speaker Ryan has an agenda that takes New York – and America – backwards. He wants to cut our funding, shred our social fabric, and eliminate the safety net for those who need it most. Paul Ryan knows nothing about the New York that I know, and he’s not welcome here. Just days after he spearheaded an effort to strip healthcare from millions of Americans, Speaker Ryan will come face-to-face with our youngest New Yorkers. He could be meeting kids who live in NYCHA housing that he wants to cut, who rely on Obamacare that he’s worked to roll back, and who need SNAP benefits that he wants to decimate. He could come across children whose relatives are living in fear of deportation. I believe he should have to explain to them why he wants to undercut the very government programs that support them. I believe he sets a terrible example for our kids.”