“From the moment it was announced, the President’s travel ban has been aimed at undermining the very ideals that have always made this country great. It’s an assault on the rule of law and an attempt to target people based on who they are, where they’re from, and what they believe. Tonight, I’m thinking about our fellow New Yorkers – the lives changed, the families split apart, and our neighbors who are living in fear knowing that they are being targeted by this administration. The ruling today is deeply troubling and unbelievably saddening.

“There are many court decisions throughout history we wish we could take back, decisions that legalized and codified discrimination. This is one of them. Let there be no doubt that history will view this moment as emblematic of a dark time in America. That’s why in New York we’re always going to continue the fight for freedom – making our voices heard through protest on the streets as well as in the courts.”