“I’ve been a Jets fan my entire life, through great times and tough times. But through all the seasons, what has disappointed me the most has been the last 36 hours and ownership’s failure to condemn President Trump’s hateful words.

“While the President has described white supremacists in Charlottesville as ‘fine people,’ he’s called NFL players exercising their rights expletives. That’s wrong. And we all have a moral, ethical, and professional imperative to speak out.

“Yesterday, teams across the league rejected the President’s repulsive rhetoric, including John Mara and Steve Tisch, the owners of the Giants. In fact, every team in the AFC East, from the Patriots to the Dolphins, has spoken out — except the Jets. That is unacceptable.

“At this point, you’re either with President Trump’s hateful words, or you’re against them. You either support NFL players’ First Amendment rights, or you don’t.

“That’s why I’m calling on the Jets organization to condemn President Trump’s rhetoric. Refusing to speak out is complicity — and as a lifelong fan, I’m shocked ownership would fail to reject hate from this White House.

“In New York City, when we see hate, we speak out. And the Jets’ silence speaks volumes. It’s time that we reaffirm every player has the right to #TakeTheKnee.”