Vendor Roadmap


A Guide for Doing Business with the City

Welcome to the Vendor Roadmap: A Guide for Doing Business with the City of New York.

New York City is one of the largest contracting jurisdictions in the nation, averaging more than $20 billion annually in the past two fiscal years in registered contracts for various supplies, services, and construction. The Comptroller’s Office is committed to ensuring fairness and competition in City procurement as well as encouraging qualified vendors to seek contracting opportunities.

Explore how to do business with the City using this Roadmap, presented as a step-by-step outline for enrolling as a City vendor, understanding the procurement process, and growing your business. Each step contains essential requirements and information for vendors to consider as well as links to valuable resources. Browse through each of the sections or jump to a particular step if you have a specific inquiry.

1 Getting Started

City, State, and Federal resources for starting a business, information for new and existing businesses seeking to enroll to do business with the City.

2 Identifying Opportunities

Resources for vendors seeking notices and announcements regarding current and upcoming contracting opportunities.

3 Bidding on Contracts

Tips for vendors preparing their bid or proposal packages in response to agency solicitations.

4 After Contract Award

This section outlines the parts of the contracting process between award selection and contract registration by the NYC Comptroller.

5 Getting Paid

Information related to City invoicing and payment processes.

6 Staying Current

Ongoing considerations for current and potential City contractors.

Things to Consider When Using the Roadmap:

  • The Roadmap is primarily geared towards businesses seeking to do work with the City as prime contractors. However, because many City subcontracting opportunities exist for new and/or small businesses, we’ve included some practical considerations at various points within the six steps, identified as “Subcontractor Notes” features for this audience.
  • The information contained in the Roadmap is intended to be helpful guidance in navigating the City’s procurement process. This information should be used in conjunction with instructions from the various resources we cite, and is not intended to be legal advice. Vendors are ultimately responsible for reviewing and adhering to all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations that are relevant to their business practices.
  • At this time, the information contained in the Roadmap is designed for use when considering doing business with Mayoral Agencies only. While certain information provided in the Roadmap may apply to the Mayoral Agencies as well as the City’s Non-Mayoral Agencies and Authorities, businesses should visit the agency websites directly to find procurement-related information on the latter.

Mayoral Agencies