Prequalified CPA

Become a Prequalified CPA Firm


The City of New York Procurement Policy Board (PPB) Rules authorize the Comptroller to maintain a list of prequalified auditors. PPB rule §3-10(k) states:

“PQL of Auditors. A PQL of auditors shall be maintained by the Comptroller in accordance with this section. An agency seeking to award an audit contract shall solicit only those suppliers that have been prequalified by the Comptroller.”

Application Process

Submissions will generally include:

  • Completed Accounting Firm Questionnaire (Initial application);
  • Firm’s current registration with the New York State Education Department (Must be submitted with initial application and yearly thereafter);
  • Firm’s current peer review report, letter of comments, if any and AICPA acceptance letter (Must be submitted with initial application and updated whenever a peer review has been done); and
  • Completed Vendex Vendor and Principal Questionnaires (See discussion below).

Annual Affirmation

The Comptroller’s Office requires CPAs on the list to annually affirm that there have been no changes to the information submitted in the Accounting Firm Questionnaire. If there have been changes, CPAs are required to submit the updated information via a new Accounting Firm Questionnaire.

In accordance with the PPB Rules, CPA firms applying for placement on the PQL are required to complete and submit the New York City Vendex Vendor and Principal Questionnaires. Please see the “Vendex Submissions” section below.


The Comptroller’s Office requires that all other forms and documents, including Vendex, be electronically submitted. Completed documents may be emailed or faxed to the Comptroller’s Office. (You may wish to convert any electronic files to PDF before emailing them.) Hardcopy submissions will no longer be accepted.

Submissions may be emailed or faxed to or (212) 815-8635. Please be advised that email submissions must be less than 10 MB.

Links to the Accounting Firm Questionnaire (PDF and Microsoft Word) that Certified Public Accounting Firms are required to complete in order to be considered for placement on the Comptroller’s List of Prequalified CPA Firms are available at the right of this page.

Vendex Submissions

Mayor’s Office of Contract Services

Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal (PASSPort) Disclosure Filing (formerly known as Vendor Information Exchange System (VENDEX) Forms or Certificate of No Change)

All organizations intending to do business with the City of New York should complete an online disclosure process to be considered for a contract. This disclosure process was formerly completed using Vendor Information Exchange System (VENDEX) paper-based forms. In anticipation of awards, proposers to the prequalified CPA List must create online accounts in the new Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal (PASSPort) and file all disclosure information. Paper submissions, including certifications of no changes to existing VENDEX packages will not be accepted in lieu of complete online filings.

CPA firms may enroll in PASSport at the following website

Comptroller’s Office

The Vendor and Principal Questionnaires are a part of the Enrollment Package when signing up for PASSport. Please submit these questionnaires, and all updates, electronically, to the Comptroller’s Office.

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please call (212) 669-8280 or email