Prevailing Wage Forms

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Prevailing Wage Complaint Forms

Most investigations of prevailing wage complaints are initiated by the filing of a verified complaint. You may print it, fill it out, and return it to the Comptroller’s Office by mail or in person.

  • The form must be complete
  • Be sure to include your place of employment and the exact dates of employment;
  • List the specific hours you worked, whether you worked Saturdays, Sundays, overtime or other times outside normal work hours;
  • Write down how much you were paid on those days, what benefits you received and the method of payment (cash, check, etc);
  • Attach copies of supporting documents that you believe will aid in the investigation, including pay stubs;
  • Ensure that your signature is notarized.

Once your complaint is received by our office you will be notified that a case file has been opened and of your file number. Complaints may take six months or longer to investigate and you may be asked to provide more information by mail or to come in for an interview. You will be notified when the case is closed.

If you need further information please contact the Bureau of Labor Law at, or call 212- 669-4443.