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Financial Reports

The Comptroller’s Office seeks to promote transparency about the financial health of New York City by providing access to a variety of the City’s financial reports.



Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

New York City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is a Charter-mandated report published within four months of the close of each fiscal year.




Popular Annual Financial Report

New York City’s Popular Annual Financial Report is a user-friendly annual companion to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.



Quarterly Economic Update

Quarterly Economic Update

The Comptroller’s Quarterly Economic Update provides analysis of New York City’s economy.



Quarterly Cash Update

Comptroller’s Quarterly Cash Report

The Comptroller’s Quarterly Cash Report provides an overview of the City’s cash position and highlights major changes during the most recent quarter.



Cash Balance

New York City Cash Balance Projection

The New York City Cash Balance Projection is generally published after the announcement of a new budget and contains a projection of expected cash balances over the upcoming months.



OMB Reports

New York City’s Office of Management and Budget Reports

The City’s budget, financial plan, and related reports can be found on New York City’s Office of Management and Budget website.


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